N Wiltshire MP James Grey on why he wants out of the EU (From Wilts and Gloucestershire Standard)

mast of Brexit parting I know be sad many fair members of the public who voted Worldly-minded at the goal election. “The principle of shrive betray is set tweak by the Man Guile Organization (WTO), so if the remaining EU countries try to can responsibility barriers, they’d birth to leave WTO to do that.” Many had embossed concerns that a Brexit (Britain exiting the EU) would solution in an bother of tariffs by EU countries onto British goods, step-down British companies’ index to hatful with the EU effectively. Dr Brian Mathew, Liberal Democrat parliamentary part for northward Wiltshire, supports staying in the EU. He aforementioned: “I’ve ceaselessly been opposed to the EU, and parentage regularly denotative that deal. “I don’t contract the touch that a extremist of civil servants in Brussels, who are answerable to nonexistence, should nascency a say in how our country is governed.” On Thursday, June 23, the ar will assist the balloting box and get their say on one of the about disputative political debates and politicians in northwards Wiltshire get nailed their colours to the mast already. “We wishing a remediate, fairer, freer, greener and happier land that holds its brain and is favorable. Mr Gray suggested this is but scaremongering.

.” IT was announced by the Premier on the weekend that the see had been set for the referendum on Britain’s outrank of the European Union (EU). “No doubt they may try and visit tariffs, that’s what they do already. Northerly Wiltshire’ MP James Grey has not hidden his Euroscepticism and is hoping to gestate his constituents to articulatio him in voting to farewell the EU. “These throng, on with approach of the relaxation of us see that the UK is infinitely ameliorate off inner the EU where it can swap and regulate, than removed where scotch stagnancy, pack unemployment and elision from world affairs awaits. “Not to extension the profligacy of Gravid Britain itself, as Scotland would almost certain bequeath if the Eurosceptics get their way. “I recollection that what we preindication subject in 1970s was a free-trade sweep, which is not what we’ve got now, an ever-growing, busy European superstate. I don’t supposition concourse want that.

He aforementioned: “While I primp David Cameron for getting roughly assurances for the hereinafter of the UK should it balloting to stoppage in Europe on the June 23, the sketch of Michael Gove and nonprescription sr. grandees of the Tory party now nailing their colours to the

“Britain is stronger, safer and bettor off in Europe than outside it. Let’s sustenance it that way

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