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diploma.  Besides as in-class courses thither are likewise Disrobe eLearning-Summer courses and a Co-operative Education plan.

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school course. Peel students may register electronically (pending guidance counsellor approval) and Dufferin-Peel counsellors will register students directly in the Student Information System (SIS).   Contact your guidance counsellor for registration dates.  

walk-in registrants must bring an authorized registration form

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learners mustiness read personally lone at the Grownup Didactics Kernel S, 100 Elm Crusade Westward, Board 116, Mississauga. Berth hours are 8:30 a.m.

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Wide Composition and New courses volition run from Monday, July four – Friday, July 29.

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great choice for students who motivation to upgrade credits or who want to concluded additional credits during the summertime months. Courses are offered for students presently in grades ix to 12—as swell as

Summertime Civilize for two chiliad xvi has been scheduled for July 4-29, 2016. 

Path offerings for two thou 16 leave be posted in April 2016.

Banknote:  Roughly Skin day schools cater an alternative to their students to read themselves on-line via the schooling site.  Any questions regarding this outgrowth mustiness be directed to the day civilize counselling departments. 


Locations for two g 16 volition be posted in April 2016.  Thither bequeath be cinque Mississauga locations and 7 Brampton locations. 
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Board 116, c Elm Dr. W. 

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Seance one Composition classes volition run from Monday, July four – Friday, July 15.VISA students are requisite to pay $1100.00 per wide class and $550.00 per constitution or one-half quotation line.Seance two Makeup classes bequeath run from Monday, July eighteen – Friday, July 29.Adopt us on ChitterAll courses run from 8:00 am to 1:30 pm casual.Summer school Fax: 905-270-1050

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